How to Access Lesson Notes

How to Access Lesson Notes

This article shows users how to find Lesson Notes for a video course module.

Lessons Notes are text-based summaries of the lesson or course's content. They summarize key points of the presentation (but do not provide a full transcript of everything the teacher says in the video). These can be used in a multitude of ways, from using it to supplement the course as they go along or as a mechanism to review everything.

It is also possible to download the Lesson Notes file. If you want to download these summaries, see: How to access course files

Note: New courses on the platform may require a month or two before lesson notes are available.


Opening the Lesson Notes panel

By default, Zenva Schools hides the Lesson Notes panel. To unhide Lesson Notes, click the tab on the bottom menu bar.

The Lesson Notes panel displays.

  • Drag the scroll bar up and down to display a different part of the document. 
  • Click the Lesson Notes tab to hide the panel.

  • Click and drag the panel to increase or decrease the lesson notes screen.
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