How to Access Course Files

How to Access Course Files

This article shows users how to find and download the Course Files.

Depending on the course, these easy-to-access documents can include lesson notes, coding assets, completed project files, and/or slides used in the video. With this feature, users can download the files to their device directly to use in whatever way works best for the school's needs.

Note: It is also possible to read lesson notes while watching a video. If you want to view lesson notes and watch the video at the same time, see: How to access lesson notes


Opening Course files

There are two ways to find and download course files.

Course Home Page

Open the course home page and click the COURSE FILES menu tab. From there, you simply need to click the file(s) you'd like, and the download will automatically be triggered.

Video module page

On any lesson page, you can open up the Course Files panel to see the downloadable files. By default, Zenva hides the Course files panel. To unhide the panel, click the tab on the bottom menu bar.

  • The Course files panel displays.
  • Click a name to download a file (PDF or Zip file).


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