I can't find a course from Zenva Academy on Zenva Schools! How do I get access?

I can't find a course from Zenva Academy on Zenva Schools! How do I get access?

Zenva Schools has a very specialized selection of our best courses from Zenva Academy. These courses have been reviewed by teachers and approved for use in K12 institutions - and many also match curriculum standards in both Australia and the US.

Courses from Zenva Academy that we have chosen not to include in Zenva Schools are usually ones we have been advised as not being entirely suitable for the K12 age range Zenva Schools aims to serve. This can be for a variety of reasons, ranging from the technical requirements of the course itself to the course simply being slightly too advanced for most K12 students.

This said, we do understand different educators have different needs, and some courses from our Zenva Academy platform may be more in line with your classroom needs. As such, we are open to requests to add some courses to Zenva Schools with the following conditions:
  • You must be part of a paid, registered school on the Zenva Schools platform (i.e. not on a trial).
  • You must thoroughly review the course on Zenva Academy first to be sure that you will use it in your classroom. Access to Zenva Academy is not offered as part of Zenva Schools (with the exception of schools part of GISP).
Requests can be submitted via our help desk where we will evaluate the situation on several factors. Please be aware, however, that we can't accommodate every course request. Additionally, even in cases where we choose to add a course, we may add it to our Additional Courses catalog instead - which means we will not create any form of curriculum mapping for that course.

If you'd like more information regarding this matter, please feel free to reach out via our help desk at any time.

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