What are "Additional Courses" and how do I access them?

What are "Additional Courses" and how do I access them?

What Additional Courses Are

Additional Courses are an extra content library on Zenva Schools that work exactly like the regular Course Library. These courses can even be added to classrooms as normal! 

The main difference between our main Course Library and our Additional Courses is that Additional Courses DO NOT come with any form of curriculum mappingHowever, these Additional Courses allow us to go into different topics not standard to most school curriculums - such as Godot, AR, and similar. In this way, teachers can have the opportunity to explore other topics as they might need for the classroom.


How to Access Additional Courses

Additional Courses can be found by all schools on the platform simply by going to the Courses top menu dropdown and selecting the Additional Courses menu item:

From here, you can select and read information about the courses just as you would with the Course Library!

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