How to Access Curriculum Mapping

How to Access Curriculum Mapping

Zenva Schools' curriculum mapping helps teachers align course outcomes and pedagogy with local education board requirements. Comprehensive and detailed, our mapping documents help teachers cut prep time and deliver a quality education experience.

Our courses are aligned (where possible) with these education boards:

  • Australian Digital Technologies Version 9
  • Australia Digital Technologies Version 8.4
  • QLD Digital Solutions
  • United States Common Core State Standards
  • United States CSTA Computer Science Standards
  • United States K-12 Computer Science Framework

Where to Find the Curriculum Mapping

Teachers and Schools Admins can access curriculum mapping in two ways, covered below.

Course Overview Page

When accessing a course from the Course Library or from the My PD page, users are sent to the Course Overview page. At the top of the Overview section, if a course has curriculum mapping available, users can find a table listing all the pre-made maps relevant to that specific course. By clicking the appropriate link, users can open up the map on our website, where they can be viewed and/or downloaded.

Curriculum Mapping Overview

Teachers and School Admins can also see an overview of every course and curriculum map available on the site via our Curriculum Mapping pages. In order to access these, Teachers and/or School Admins should:

  1. Log in to their account.
  2. Click Courses in the top menu.
  3. Hover over the Curriculum Mapping link.
  4. Select a country and mapping option on the menu relevant to their interests.

Once on the mapping page, users will find a list of courses (organized by target year level), their relevant content descriptors, links to the relevant course plan, and prerequisites. Users can click the links in the Course plans column in order to access relevant mapping content.


What's on the Mapping Pages

Once you've opened a mapping page, there are generally two things you can find. First is an *embedded view of the course map so you can review it from the comfort of your browser. Second, you can also download the map as a Microsoft Word document via the Download link in the top right above the embedded view.

* Note that the embedded view will not work if your school has chosen to block Google Docs. However, you can still download the map for viewing and editing in those cases.

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